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25 tph coal-fired steam boiler in Indonesia

25 tph coal-fired steam boiler in Indonesia

Project boiler medium: Steam

Production capacity: 25 tph



 PT.WIRAJAYA PACKINDO is a leading pulp and paper mill in Indonesia. In pulp and paper production process, rawmaterial needs to be preheated, cooked, and paper needs to be dried, which allneed big amount of steam. PT.WIRAJAYA PACKINDO chose ZOZEN coal-firedsteam boiler, which is shop-assembled boiler, and has upper part and lowerpart for transportation; upper part is body heating surface, lower part iscombustion room. This boiler is easy to install on site, cost less installationtime, and easy to operate. PT.WIRAJAYA PACKINDO boiler was put into use after40 days of arrival.


Our paper millneeds to run 24 hours per day when we are busy, and there is a big amountof steam consumption in production process, which needs a stable running boiler andits quality must be available.  This ZOZEN offered boiler is easy to operate andruns stable, it is very suitable for steam process. After sale service isvery thoughtful, after training, our operator can skillfully operatethis boiler.


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